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Kiss me and I'll tell you.
Tell me and I'll kiss you.
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2nd-Apr-2023 08:34 pm - Permissions meme
CHARACTER NAME: Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy


Backtagging: Yep, sure.
Threadhopping: Sure, go wild... unless it's like, a really serious conversation/moment I won't mind.
Fourthwalling: 'course. It'd be difficult to keep that from happening.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I can't think of anything I wouldn't want from the top of my head...


Hugging this character: Sure, but she'll probably push you or kick you away at first
Kissing this character: Same as hugging. Also be wary once she's able to make poisonous lipsticks again
Flirting with this character: She'll probably flirt at you first
Fighting with this character: Sure!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yeah... but stop before breaking her bones? 
Killing this character: EDIT: kill her if you wish now. Nothing too graphic though.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, go wild

She's a villian :)

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
2nd-Apr-2022 08:36 pm - HMD
Critic will be appreciated as long as they are not mindless bashing, thank you. 

This also serves as a contact post, and feel free to poke me at my plurk anytime.

Anon enabled.
23rd-May-2015 11:31 pm - Permissions meme [for YOU]
So, Ivy's got her lipstick back. For now it's only her mind-controlling one, so I am setting a permissions meme specifically for that purpose.

For those who don't know what her lipstick does, think of the power of suggestion one Ivy kisses your character. If you allow it, your character will feel compelled to do as Ivy tells them to. The more strong-willed ones will take a lot more suggestion that the dummy ones with only half a brain, so you can also tell me how much will your character be affected, if they are.
Needless to say nobody is forced to be affected by it and I won't let Ivy kiss anybody who doesn't want her to!
So here's the permision meme:


Can Ivy kiss, and thus mindcontrol your character?
How much suggestion will your character need? (or how much will they fight the influence of the lipstick)
Is it ok if Ivy ask them to tell her everything she wants to know?
Is it ok if Ivy makes them do humiliating things? (you can specify the kind too)
Is it ok if Ivy makes them hurt/try to kill somebody?:
Ivy has a man-eating plant now! Is it alright for her to hurt your character?:
Is it alright for it to eat your character?:


That was... weird. Anybody think there's some kind of trick behind this? I can't shake the feeling that those of us who refused to leave to, ah, relieve Mayfield of that extra baggage might get punished for it, no matter how reassuring the news bulletin was about it.

I suppose it might just be me being a spoilsport, but if anybody notices something weird around they should do well to inform everybody they could. And what are we supposed to do with these replacements they sent? I had enough with one drone kid to have to lock down, am I supposed to do the same with Bart's replacement?

[The last part is said in a noticeably increasing angry tone. She's still dealing with the fact that she lost what was a son to her, she is not willing to deal with what she considers a huge disrespect to him. 

Then, a long pause in which she doesn't hang up yet. As if she wasn't really sure if she should add that last part or not. In the end, she decides to go for it.]

I'm sorry if any of you lost an important person.

[Being nice is hard, is hard and nobody understands.]

[Action - housemates]

[Sorry Bart, mom is ignoring you. As far as she's concerned there's something... off about you, something wrong. And after hearing the news- well, she won't risk spending time with one of the 'replacements']
[A - Action, around town]

[At first, Ivy had been scared. Who wouldn't be? She woke up to the whole city being devastated, incinerated bodies... yes, there was a lot to be scared about.

So she does the first thing she ever does when something happens in the city that might represent some kind of danger for people: Check on Harley. You might see him as she runs there, kicking everything that gets on her way.]

[B - Action, around town again]

[With that done, the reality of what happened sinks in. 

Complete wipeout, complete destruction of mankind. Isn't that somehow what she always dreamed about? Sure, plants have been damaged, too. And there's radiation in the air... but it's slowly fading away. And plants will survive.

They always do.

So Ivy is actually... smiling as she gets back home? Curious to see somebody this happy after something like this happened, isn't it?]
2nd-Nov-2011 08:39 pm - 12 - How does she know…
[Action – 508 Ricardo Street’s garden]

[Whether you’re one of Ivy’s housemates, a neighbor or simply happen to walk by in front of her house… today you’ll be greeted with an unusual sight.

Pam’s cooing over a plant. Well- that’s not really unusual on itself, of course. She loves on every plant she sees. This one, though… this one happens to be a snapping Venus fly-trap, and it’s way taller than Pamela herself. The plant seems to be leaning to be petted, and Pam is more than happy to do so.]

Did you miss me? Aww don’t worry baby, mommy missed you too. I’ll take care of you, dear.

[If it wasn’t completely impossible, you’d think the plant understand what she’s saying. It slowly snaps open and close and she’s petted, and the leaves move like a dog would wag its tail.

Don’t worry though; it’s a completely domesticated plant.

Kind of.]

[ooc: yeah so… Ivy regained one of her beloved plant-pets, and this one EATS PEOPLE IF YOU LET HER 80! I don’t think Ivy will be using it because lol death has no real meaning in this place, but I’ll leave a handy link on her permissions post in case some of you piss her off enough.]
big smile
[A - Phone]

[Hello there, Mayfield. Ivy isn't happy today. And you might wonder why. ...Well, you might not because when is Ivy happy? But moving on. The point is that all this alien business is getting on her bad side. Those who know her might wonder why.]

What. On. Earth is everybody doing? Do you all suddenly think you're gardeners, ripping living pods from the Earth- what makes you think the lives inside are more important than the one of the plant surrounding it?!

[...Somebody is kind of really missing the point.]

There are other ways to free the people inside that do not involve hurting the plants. I'm honestly appalled.

[Silly Aliens, making the pods vegetable-looking. At least it got them Ivy on their side.]

[B - Action, around town]

[So yes, if you have been opening the pods in a way that Ivy finds hurtful to the plants, deal with her rage.

... Or at least deal with her yelling at you.]

For Gaya's- what on Earth do you think you're doing?
really pissed
[A Action - 508 Ricardo Street]

[Mom's been acting... weird lately. Not visibly so, and it isn't a big deal but it's there. She isn't smiling, but her whole face seems not to be frowning as often. She isn't sweet, but she isn't ready to claw your eyes out if you disagree with her any more. What's up with that?

Either way, she stops Bart on his way out to class this morning.] I need your help.

[B Action Annie's Flowers]

[The flower shop is suddenly... red. Not the walls of course- Ivy hasn't touched them. But she's made sure to be stocked with every red flower she could think of, decorating everything with them. If you work here, or happen to visit... you will probably be surprised at how monochromatic the shop suddenly looks.

She's made sure she won't get in trouble since the shop still has everything you might want, but one wonders why a decoration worthy of Valetine's Day in September...]

[C Phone - Filtered to Harley Quinn]

How does a sleepover sound?

[D Phone - Filtered to E.Nigma]

We need to talk. As soon as possible. Where, is up to you.
[Action, early morning]

[It had been... kind of a hectic week for Ivy. She killed, she got killed, she lied to her husband and now... now it had been his turn. Their kids are certainly growing up in a really nice environment, are they not?

Today, she had had to drink the milk. And with her luck... well, at least she hadn't have a slow death. And razorblades are just really, really painful. Nothing she hasn't have to deal with before, living in a place like Gotham.

Which might explain why is she determined to walk on the streets, even if she obviously has internal injuries, and most of her body is bleeding.]

[1249 Williams Road]
[When she reaches Harley's house, she barely has the strength to knock. But she had to look after her-  God knows what she had gotten into with this craze going around.]
really pissed
[Phone - usual filters] 

I'm aware the phone is being used by practically everybody to announce things lately, so I will try to keep this brief.

I hate most people, and I think plants deserve this world more than we do.

I loved a man once. Just once.


[A long pause, as if she was wondering if that was important enough of a secret to admit...]

I hate my looks. Not my green skin of course- that makes me different, and closer to plants. But I would like to be able to talk to a man without them trying to flirt with me at one point or another. 

My eyes are up there.
...That will be all, thank you for listening.
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