Pamela (Isley) Laufeyjarson (poisonivyforyou) wrote,
Pamela (Isley) Laufeyjarson

Permissions meme [for YOU]

So, Ivy's got her lipstick back. For now it's only her mind-controlling one, so I am setting a permissions meme specifically for that purpose.

For those who don't know what her lipstick does, think of the power of suggestion one Ivy kisses your character. If you allow it, your character will feel compelled to do as Ivy tells them to. The more strong-willed ones will take a lot more suggestion that the dummy ones with only half a brain, so you can also tell me how much will your character be affected, if they are.
Needless to say nobody is forced to be affected by it and I won't let Ivy kiss anybody who doesn't want her to!
So here's the permision meme:


Can Ivy kiss, and thus mindcontrol your character?
How much suggestion will your character need? (or how much will they fight the influence of the lipstick)
Is it ok if Ivy ask them to tell her everything she wants to know?
Is it ok if Ivy makes them do humiliating things? (you can specify the kind too)
Is it ok if Ivy makes them hurt/try to kill somebody?:
Ivy has a man-eating plant now! Is it alright for her to hurt your character?:
Is it alright for it to eat your character?:

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